Itutuya is sakuraebi in Shizuoka-shi shimizu ward Yui and the diner serving beach food..By all means, please enjoy sakuraebi of Suruga-wan specialty at localness Yui. holding a banquet, am preparing a great hall for a group tour and a Buddhist memorial service and am waiting variously.

the itutuya's particular

Sakura-yaki cuisine, which boasts of Yui set meal, is prepared.
"Yuushatsu meal" boasted of our highest grade cherry shrimp with rice flour, rustling with soft fluffy cherry blossoms and sakurabi shrimps and Sakurabi Tsukudani, is a set meal pride of our shop.
Besides, "Oki Asagi / Raw Saberobi" which can be offered only on the day of Sakurabo fishing was also received from many customers' pleasure.
   Commitment to the freshness and taste unique to the local Yui cooker
Domestic cherry blossoms are all sold in Suruga Bay.
  In Izutsuya, we offer cherry-blossoms cuisine that sticks to freshness and taste unique to Yui, one of the main watering ports.
  Please enjoy Sakuraba which can only be picked up in Suruga Bay.


〒421-3103 Shizuoka prefecture Shizuoka city Shimizu-ku Yui 314
Business hours
Noon 11:30-14:00 
Night 17:00-19:00
A regular day off
Please reserve a customer of a banquet, a group tour and a Buddhist memorial service